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Project Summary:

Faculty: Dr. Deborah Wagenaar ↔ Type of Project: Online Lecture

 A series of core lectures were recorded over the course of a year for use by medical students during their Psychiatry clerkships. The lectures cover the following four main units: 

  • Clinical Skills
  • psychopathology and Disease Classification
  • Disease Prevention, Management, and Therapeutics
  • Professionalism, ethics and the Law

The goals of the on-line lecture series were: 1) to develop consistent curriculum across all clerkship sites. 2) to help the student recognize the signs and symptoms of major mental illness. 3) to help the student understand the types and indications for psychiatric treatment for major mental disorders.  4) to expose the student to psychopathology throughout the lifespan.  5) to provide a portable user-friendly mechanism to learn about psychiatry and link this to clinical cases seen during the clerkship and  6) to increase awareness of cultural differences and health care disparities in psychiatric care. Additionally, the lectures can be used as a review tool for students preparing to take the NMBE shelf exam. 

Different lecture formats (Flash , Windows Media Video, iPod, MP3) are available to students to facilitate access and review of the Psychiatry clerkship materials. 

Technology and Software:

  • Adobe Flash
  • Camtasia Studio
  • MP3
  • MPEG-4
  • PowerPoint
  • Windows Media Video

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Focused H & P Cases

Project Summary:

Faculty: Dr. Dianne Wagner & Brian Hill ↔ Type of Project: Website Design

 The purpose of the site is to provide medical students with examples of patient cases similar to what they will experience in their clerkships.  

The videos show from a student’s perspective, multiple parts involved in patient care beginning with an initial focused H&P, a case presentation to an attending physician, a follow-up visit with the patient, and written records for the patient encounters. There are separate cases for each clerkship.   

Each clerkship material contains  pre-video and post-video surveys to assess the utility and functionality of these cases as part of a student’s overall medical school experience.  

Technology and Software:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Adobe PDF
  • PluginLab
  • Quicktime Pro
  • StoreMedia
  • SurveyMonkey

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