Project summary:

Faculty: Dr. Carol Wilkins ↔ Type of Project: Interactive Model

A series of flashcards were developed of the 20 amino acids and some secondary amino acids as well as nucleotide structures (including the components of nitrogenous bases and sugars). The flashcards display the structures on the front, and when the card is selected it flips over to display the name of the structure. 

In the Fall 2007 offering of BMB 514, the number of face-to-face lectures was reduced by recording tutorials covering the basic structures of the amino acids and nucleotides. Faculty felt that students at this level should be able to learn this material on their own with a detailed enough tutorial and complementary problem sets.  These flashcards are to help the students achieve one of the main objectives:  the ability to recognize these structures and name them accordingly. 

Technology and Software:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Raptivity
  • Adobe Flash