Project Summary:

Faculty: Dr. Kathy Lovell ↔ Type of Project: Interactive Model

This quiz game is intended to be used by students when reviewing Peripheral Nervous System anatomy. It involves questions about spinal cord levels associated with muscle control, reflexes, and sensory dermatomes, as well as distinctions between effects of upper and lower motor neurons.    

The design is similar to a game of Jeopardy, with points awarded for correctly answering questions in each category. Because students type the answer into a text field, the questions/answers were selected to be simple entry not subject to spelling errors or terminology variations, e.g. c6, umn.  The student gains practice in understanding effects of lesions at different spinal cord levels.     

Technology and Software: 

  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Raptivity
  • Adobe Flash

Additional images from this project: